Thursday, April 29, 2010

Candy-coated Jesus

Have you ever eaten a piece of candy and said "Gee, that was amazing.....I'm never going to have that again." Of course you haven't that would be crazy, right? So why then do people do that with Christ? Maybe it's not something you want to's definitely tough. But lets think about it. Living your life for Christ is a fantastic experience....sure it has it's rough spots and life certainly isn't easy just because you're a Christian, but lets be want to make a difference....right? You wouldn't mind being considered revolutionary. I know, I know...."the first post and he's already talking about Jesus.....this is definitely the last time I read this blog!" I say good. I don't want you to read this if that's what you think. But if you got even just a hint of excitement....let's keep talking....

Amo Dei - Jerrod