Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Join a local church this Advent season....

Advent. Growing up Southern Baptist, we never really celebrated Advent, it just wasn't a big deal, the "church holidays" weren't on the calendar. However, after "becoming" United Methodist, that changed. What drew me to Methodism was that very thing. The "holy seasons", does that make sense? The liturgy, the reverence, don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that Southern Baptists are irreverent....or any other denomination is or is not, how they choose to celebrate and worship is great. Personally, I just like the "structure" the "conscious effort" of setting aside who we are and focusing on who God is - in our day to day lives.

I can do that on my own, some of you might say....I don't need a church or a "holy season" to focus on God. John Wesley once said, “The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.” That is a truth....it is not "in" the Bible, but it is still a Biblical truth. See, we weren't made to go at life alone. Look at Adam and Eve or if you don't "care" for Biblical examples...look at the animals...."our closest relative"...mate for life...and they prefer to travel/live in "troops" (yep, that is what groups of monkeys are called) and yet many people try to live life alone, especially Christians. Ridiculous you say....how many people claim to be Christians and yet don't attend church anywhere or have a "social gathering" of Christians who they meet with regularly. We were not made to live Christianity solo. Christ didn't do it...and if he...who is God...could not live out his life without intimate relationships....why should we try?