Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hi, come on in, step into our narthex.

I read a considerable amount of blogs. From pastors to friends I cover the whole gambit of knowledge. Recently I stumbled upon Sticky Sheep basically this blog has "changed my life". I realize that I might over use this term for it to really mean something - but I discovered a post on "churchy" words and that got me thinkin'. My favorite church word of all time is narthex. A narthex is defined as a vestibule leading to the nave of a church. A nave is defined as the hub of a wheel. Narthex is also defined as the portico of an ancient church. A portico is the entrance to a church. Why they couldn't have just said entrance we may never know. But this brings me to my point. Why do we use words that "outside people" don't understand? Isn't the point of a church to bring others to it? If they feel like outsiders because we use words like narthex when we really mean the entrance what are they going to feel when we use words like seeker or lost when we really mean they need to "get Jesus". Even that - what does it mean to "get Jesus" what is salvation in normal words? I don't know how to describe it...any thoughts?

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