Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love Redefined and the CEB

Dream realized today!  Everyone mark your calendars....I am posting my first blog for the Common English Bible (CEB).  If you have ever read this blog you know that I LOVE the CEB - it is my favorite translation and I give out copies whenever I get a chance.  If I had the money I would buy the entire Bible to give away - but I'm in ministry - so I'm broke.  So, my loyal readers, who request a CEB from me, will have to be content with the New Testament).

I started this blog for several reasons and one of them was that I often spoke with people who did not see a "love disconnect" who did not see a need to take a fresh look at love and how we abused love in our society.  Then I stumbled upon a fresh take on the ultimate book on love ever written.  The collaboration that wrote it simply calls it the Common English Bible (CEB)- I call it a ministry breaker.  To say that I am concerned or offended that it might "put me out of business" would just not be true.  I take copies of this Bible everywhere I go - when I speak or have a meeting with someone.  I immediately purchased 50 copies of the New Testament (it was only available in the NT when I started out - now it is all I can afford) in the CEB because it changed my life and I began giving them out every time I speak. It's getting expensive - but it is worth it - because many people after simply hearing what I have to say (and I quote the CEB in all of my talks) say they have never heard Scripture presented like that and suddenly they are on board with a concept that beforehand never seemed necessary.  Redefining love is not a difficult concept to grasp (check out the basic idea) but without the help of the Common English Bible it would not be possible.

I have been working on this concept for quite some time and yet there was never a Bible translation available that flowed naturally with the topic.  (Do you want a copy of the CEB?  Click here to send me an e-mail and I'll send you a NT for FREE!) A translation that flawlessly flows into natural speech is important to me because it helps me get across the concepts without "preaching" at people (and I'm a pastor so I know all about preaching) because it isn't about pounding it into their heads - it's about love.  I really feel that the CEB paints that picture perfectly - it really gets across the idea of love in a fresh and new way.

Be Blessed - jerrod  

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