Thursday, May 2, 2013

#digitalfootprint Should I worry?

Yes and no.

I'm sure most of my readers, who are those who don't get all the "tech talk", have heard of a carbon footprint.  It was (and still is) a big deal in the world - well a digital footprint is about the same thing.  The simple definition of a digital footprint is your impact on the internet. defines digital footprint as:

An expression that refers to the way technology now pervades everyone's lives, your "digital footprint" specifically describes the trail you leave in cyberspace and on any form of digital communication.

That's a pretty good definition from where I sit.  What you're not reading is that unlike a paper trail you can't get rid of the digital footprint.  However, like your carbon footprint you can lessen your digital footprint.  I'm not sure you can do this with a carbon footprint, but you can, affect your digital footprint.  Take social media for example - what you put on Facebook, twitter, or YouTube colors how people perceive you.  Those are just a few of the major social networking sites.

What about sites/mobile apps like Pintrest, Instagram, Vine, or pheed (just to name a few)?  Those allow unfiltered access to your everyday life.  Does that raise some red flags?  It does for me - maybe it should for you too.  I'm not suggesting that we censor the internet - 'cause that would be crazy.  But, we need to be careful about what we put out on the internet.  Especially those who are younger - it has an impact on your employment.  I guarantee that if I interview you for a job, I will Google your name when you leave my office! 

What do you think?

Can we have an impact on our digital footprint?

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