Monday, October 8, 2012

Philosophy of Ministry

“FIT” Together

Purpose:  Creating true disciples – who are FIT (fashioned, informed, and transformed) – by the grace of Jesus Christ


  •  by providing spiritual growth opportunities

o   youth group lessons
o   retreats
o   small group experiences

  • by example – each living lives pleasing to Jesus Christ


  • by providing inviting activities

o   game nights
o   retreats
o   lock-in(s)

  • through utilizing appropriate outlets for dissemination

o   facebook
o   twitter
o   pintrest
o   church website


  • through coaching others in their spiritual journeys

  • by encouraging others to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ

  •  by empowering others and developing leaders in the Body of Christ

Inter-generational Connection:  As we are “FIT” together in Christ we invite others to be transformed as we are inspired and challenged to:

  • Know and experience God through Jesus Christ,

  • Claim and live God’s promises, and

  • Grow and serve as Christian disciples.    

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