Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where? Here.

When events like the tragedy in Connecticut happen people often question why, they wonder where God is in all of it.  The skeptics become more skeptical…the atheists become prouder simply because they feel that they have been proven right because if God existed then this event would never have happened…and the Christians, well the Christians…

It is at this point that Christians begin to say stupid stuff…God has a plan...He needed them with Him…or my personal favorite…it was just their time.  Every time someone says one of those idiotic phrases an angel loses their wings and a pastor gets a migraine headache.  You might believe that God has a plan for everything but do you really believe that God’s plan is for little children to die?  If you do then please stop reading now because nothing else I will say will hold any meaning for you.

Personally I cannot accept that it was in God’s plan for little children to die.  I will not accept that, I cannot accept that (pardon the double negative…but sometimes things are necessary for affect). 

What will I accept?  Free will and evil exist in the world and unfortunately they win out some times.  It is in these times that we must turn to God.  God does not leave us without any help – He is with us even in our darkest hours and if we could see as He sees we would know that He was there that day and he was weeping…and the battle was being fought not only in the real world but also in the spirit world – and yes there was death and yes there was pain…but no one was alone that day because he has promised to never leave us.  He will never forsake us. 

This third Sunday of Advent we light the pink candle…the Joy candle…and as many wonder where God was during this event we must remember – He was exactly where He needed to be – holding them in His arms and rocking them to sleep – as He carried them home.

Grace and Peace.

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